Turbine Hall Art Fair


If you have missed the Turbine Art Fair (TAF) at the Turbine Hall in 2016, all the more the reason to make sure you visit in 2017. Besides the magnificent art, there are two reasons to visit the next event:

1.    The Turbine Hall

The Turbine Hall is the perfect venue to host this plethora of interesting and inspiring art – both by new and established artists. It is fascinating to wander in this concrete shell and to view the original structure and fittings. All lovers of form and design will revel in walking the metal bridges and cement ramps.

2.    Delicious Food & Drink

Urban menus rule with dishes like trendy eclairs, pork burgers, vegetable curries and gourmet soups. Expect an abundance of bubbly, beer, coffee and all things nice.

Eats at the Turbine Art Fair

And another thing or two:

The art ranges from contemporary to classical, including sculpture, print, photography and various other mediums. It opens one’s eyes for unusual and fascinating expressions of art.

Safe parking, a children’s drawing area and art talks are also part of the TAF’s building blocks.

This is truly an inner-city event that transports one to any world city. And it is right here in Johannesburg, South Africa!

The Turbine Art Fair