Tri Vita C30 serum is packed with 30% vitamin C.

Launched during last week in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, this airless, stable packaged, prime product of Dermaceutic promises great skin results! Besides all the super antioxidant properties of vitamin C, it gives the skin optimal improvement tools:

  1. It shields the superficial skin against UVB rays
  2. It activates the formation of type 1 collagen deeper in the skin
  3. It protects the skin against UVA rays and limits de-pigmentation

It also contains vitamin E and Ferulic acid, to fight free radicals and to photo-protects the skin.

Why am I excited about this serum?

I participated in Tri Vita C30 trials with an aesthetic expert, Sonette Donker of Skin iD. For two months I tried and tested the product daily, in combination with chemical peels applied every second week. I used the serum morning and night, followed by a repair cream Regen Ceutic from Dermaceutic – to restore and repair the skin due to the peeling. I would finish my morning skin routine with Sun Ceutic 50 to protect against UV rays.

All things orange and filled with Vit C!
All things orange and filled with Vit C!

The results?

Since Tri Vita C30 has clinically proven to be age defensive, I have indeed noticed an improvement in my skin tone and colour, my pigmentation seems to have lessened and my fine wrinkles softened. I am still to continue the product for another month before final photographs will be taken.

I love the texture of this paraben and fragrance free product. It literally is absorbed into the skin within 30 seconds. And it certainly has a huge role to play in preventative skincare in younger persons.

Give your skin a vitamin C boost! Your face will thank you.