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The annual Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair (HMC) is all about design.

The opening night revealed artisanal food, a poetry performance, fashion with a foliage theme and plenty crafted drinks.

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Well celebrated MCC from both Graham Beck and Pierre Jourdan cellars were poured; Hope on Hopkins and Inverroche represented contemporary gin respectfully; several fine wines were available and Sxollie Cider added zest.

Noticeably the 2016 HMC event introduced some fresh, new talent:

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Jorgensen’s Distillery

Mr “Ginsmith” has an impressive array of crafted spirits, including a white whiskey with a hop aroma brewed from IPA; an unaged brandy; pepper gin; vodka and vermouth! Look out for the Jorgensen’s range with aptly labels e.g. Moonshine pisco and Field of Dreams absinthe.

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Valdo Prosecco

Designer labels are released yearly for each Italian special edition at the Milan fashion week. The 2016 Rosé floral edition’s bottle is dressed in bright blooms. Rosé rules!

Time Anchor Distillery

With a choice of gin, tonic and garnish, “Build a G&T” quickly became fashionable. Pure alchemy with ginger, rosemary or rosewater added to the finest Indian tonic water and artisan gin.


Kuhestan Cordial

Organic berries, elderflower and fruit from Magoesbaskloof translate into preservative free, flavoursome drinks. Persian of origin, this family crafts their produce on traditional recipes. Ideal for a refreshing drink.


Alter Schwede Herb Liqueur

German in origin, but produced in the Cape by the Blomendahl family, this liqueur is “echt lecker”, especially when served with gin.


The HMC is the perfect platform where city dwellers can congregate and experience new tastes, sounds, aromas, textures and visuals. And this includes designer dishes and drinks.