Belle’s Patisserie recently launched their Spring menu.

Belle’s is synonymous with heavenly sweet temptations. However, besides gateaux and pastries, the new, fresh Spring menu is peppered with healthy and inviting dishes. Owner Linda Lipschitz and head chef Vixa, revisited Belle’s French roots and introduced a new season with fresh dishes. The menu is now more succinct with sexy and sassy plates, boards and bowls.

And for drinks one could enjoy iced tea, cordials, sodas and freshly squeezed juice. Or opt for the  Belle’s High Tea, perhaps with a Campona (espresso with whipped cream) or a pot of freshly brewed tea.

Salmon carpaccio

From the new menu…

I savoured some fresh sushi, spicy salmon and creamy risotto. The spicy sashimi salad impressed; the sushi was fresh and the smoked salmon carpaccio was dotted with bright dots of pickled beetroot and toasted pine nuts. The star of the lunch was the risotto with asparagus cuts, mushrooms, goats cheese and truffle oil. This dish displayed depth, flavour and skill and made me long for more!

The allure of a fresh, healthy dish followed by something sweet is tempting…

I would love to return to Belle’s for more …