The graduating class at the Swiss Hotel School, South Africa, hosts a yearly pop-up restaurant. The theme for 2017 was Panda – a craft Asian eatery.

IMG_1918 IMG_1917

With a little bit of trepidation we stepped over the threshold – where we have had tasted some mediocre dishes in the past. We were welcomed with much more warmth one would expect from the Far East, and were seated in the Asian inspired restaurant. We were impressed with the Asian influence on the menu: Peking duck; Dim Sum; Gao Bao; Udon noodles; Matcha ice cream and Asian beer and cocktails too.

Panda Etery  Panda Eatery

In short, all our mediocre expectations were exceeded.

Panda Eatery


The dishes were on par in both taste and presentation with winning dishes sampled in top restaurants. Our only regret is that we both have eaten starters and a main course, and hence could only share a dessert – which was the highlight of the evening!

Have you ever heard of ‘Edible water served with bowtie crumb and rose petals’ ? More divine than water from heaven…


Thank you for five star service; an authentic atmosphere and the professional execution of the Asian inspired menu.