Unwrap well-made in Africa.

This was the 2017 theme of the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair (HmC) – which is all about speciality foods, crafted drinks and artisan products.

If this resonates with you, make a note of this annual boutique outdoor event.

The opening night had Hyde Park Corner adorned with stylish, independent dressers – sampling the designer fare whilst soulful African music sounded.

Distinct drinks brands, that became synonym with the HmC Fair, were pouring their finest.

This year’s HmC event had some exciting newcomers in the drinks category:




This mall-batch craft distillery in Salt River, Cape Town, has produced a new, limited edition gin. Only three hundred bottles have been crafted of this aromatic spirit – which has been aged in Hungarian oak for five years. Full blooded orange gin.


Bloedlemoen gin   Bloedlemoen boxes

Father Coffee


The mother of all coffees brought their own cold brew.  As per the label: Enjoy cold, drink at once and then come back for more!


Father Cold Brew



Not a drink, but a nifty caddy crafted in Cape Town to pack drinks for a picnic, dinner at friends or BYO event.


Houtkapper drinks caddy  Houtkappers

Frost Popsicles


Love ice lollies? Try these gin & tonic ice cold popsicles crafted from gin from the Cape Town distillery, Hope on Hopkins. Available in classic G&T popsicles as well as berry infused G&T popsicles.


Frost popsicle  Frost popsicle


Fehmz Mocktails


Ideal for the designated driver, these mocktails are available in a range of festive flavours – Fireball; Litchi Fizz; Peach Lemonade; Watermelon Fizz; Lemongrass Ginger, etc. Come on summer!




Qualito gin


Qualito have been crafting infused vodkas at their distillery in Phalaborwa since 2005. A single grain craft whiskey and a hand-bottled batch of gin have since been added. The whiskey slumbered in red wine barrels and is exceptionally smooth. The gin is made in a classical style. What a find!

Qualito Heimer Whiskey  Qualito Grey Hawk Gin


The HmC Fair has indeed unwrapped well-made in Africa, including crafted drinks.

Link to event website http://www.sanlamhmc.co.za/

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