One of my favorite Dermaceutic products is the Turn Over cream.

I love this skin care product, because it is a real time saver – for me it is a serum and a night cream in one. So at night I cleanse my face and neck, dry my skin and apply my Turn Over on my face and neck.

Twice a week I apply it on the delicate eye area as well to keep this skin rejuvenated.

The Turn Over contains 15% Glycolic Acid which stimulates the production of collagen. Turn Over refines a rough skin texture, clears breakouts  – it is a great zit zapper.

And it is the ultimate product in anti-ageing.

Turn Over

I just love the instant tingling sensation I experience when applying it to my skin, after the tingle subsides, my skin just looks radiant and feels so soft.

The Turn Over retails for R800 including VAT and lasts anything from 2-4 months.

I  buy my Turn Over cream from Sonette Donker’s Skin iD Skin Studio – 083 250 5111

Sonette Donker from Skin iD with Lenny