SkyShadows Opening Night

This past week the art exhibition of Joanne Reen & Dirkje Daling opened at the Infinity Art Gallery, Nieu-Bethesda. These two local, accomplished artists created art with and intriguing theme, skyshadows.

The first segment of Dirkje’s work, “Sky, are you listening?” asks the question: “To what extent do we have an influence on nature – not just by our actions, but by what we say, feel and are?”. She has used musical score to form vague portraits in the sky.

Dirkje Daling

The other three segments of her work focus on shadows and plays with the fact that in the shadow world, two things that are close enough actually do become one.

Dirkje also incorporated burnt incense,  ceramic shards, dried/ pressed flowers and transparent paper.


Joanne’s work incorporates shadows to reflect the human experience within the landscape, where she portrays her emotive, environmental roots together with her engagement in the natural heritage of the Eastern Cape.

Joanne Reen

She indulged herself with colour therapy, loose playful brushwork and a more abstract, less serious subject matter.

Anxiety is raised between the dichomoty of wanting the work to resemble something, yet also the desire to capture carefree abandon of pure, emotive joy.


Joanne Reen's work

Come visit Nieu-Bethesda en-route to your holiday destination and listen and seek the sky and shadows…

Infinity Art Gallery, Nieu-Bethesda