There is more to Russian cuisine than potatoes and cabbage…

A while ago, six passionate foodies gathered again to share their dishes – Russian home cooked food this time. Having lived in Russia, Danielle was the hostess and alongside her husband Kobus, was flamboyantly dressed in Russian attire.

Danielle & Kobus, our "Russian" hosts.

The dinner was kicked off with zakuski . This custom originated in country houses to which guests had to travel over long distances in below-zero weather. Guests could arrive at any hour – often unexpected. A table laden with zakuski provided guests with vodka shots and nibbles until a meal could be prepared and served.

Danielle, with her kokoshnik, recited an impressive Russian greeting and seated guests at a table laden with Russian memoirs and beautiful crystal and china.
Russian set table

Dinner followed with chicken Kiev, shaslik (lamb skewers grilled over the coals), braised cabbage and potatoes two ways. Russian ways – of course.

A Russian honey cake, lekakh, followed. Janie has skilfully assembled baked honey biscuit layers with crème fraiche. The companion for this soft, melting in the mount dessert was a cheese platter with traditional Russian elements – poppy seeds, pickles, dried cranberries and honey.

Russian honey cake

With warmed hearts and minds afresh with Russian customs, culture and cooked dishes, the guests departed.

Спокойной ночи

Good night!